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Kai Chase-Meares
Director of Photography

Lauv - Kids Are Born Stars (Live) | The Circle° Sessions
The Circle Sessions

Lauv - Kids Are Born Stars (Live) | The Circle° Sessions

Lauv is not just a brilliant singer but also a postmodern storyteller. The inspiration for "All Kids Are Born Stars" stems from "Inner Child Meditation" that Ari discovered as a way to get in touch with his younger self. " I literally had conversations with younger kid Ari, at different ages, on multiple occasions. One of those turned into the song ‘Kids Are Born Stars,’ and a lot of the rest of it, helped me find my north star throughout the rest of the album writing process and life." he explains. Full circle Lauv: ⭕ YouTube: ⭕ Instagram: ⭕ Facebook: The Circle Sessions is all about showcasing fresh talents, creating unique moments in spectacular locations, featuring a wide circle of musical styles. Our live sessions present some of the most captivating and talented artists out there like Hozier, Lewis Capaldi, Freya Ridings, Giant Rooks, Welshly Arms, YUNGBLUD, Wanda, Faber, Donna Missal, Bishop Briggs, Lea Porcelain and Alex Vargas. The Circle Sessions - all over the web ⭕ YouTube - Subscribe for free: ⭕ Instagram: ⭕ TikTok: ⭕ Twitter: ⭕ Streaming: #Lauv #KidsAreBornStars #TheCircleSessions


Kai Chase-Meares is English-born, Berlin-trained Director of Photography. Having taught himself the art, mechanics, and psychology of moving images on set, he has gathered real-life experience from some of the best filmmakers in Europe and acquired a hands-on understanding of the film industry. Having worked professionally for years as a Gaffer and First AC for companies such as Addidas, Vogue, Nike, and Mercedes, Kai has in the last year begun his career as a dedicated DoP. He has since shot a range of projects across Europe, South America, and Africa, Including documentaries, Fashion films, and music videos. He is versatile in style but prefers a naturalistic approach to lighting and maintaining the simplicity of subconscious composition choices.


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